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You asked — and here's what's next.

Flux with MobX

Probably the easiest to adopt Flux implementation out there. Low friction, great performance, and high productivity. The de-facto Flux framework for this book will be MobX.

Testing with Jest

With the new Jest 15 release and snapshot testing, Facebook proves that Jest is here to stay. I also think it makes a great bet for your stack regardless of React Native.

Don't Fear Native

New content will walk you through both iOS and Android native development and concepts. Just enough to feel confident.

E2E with Appium

Real world mobile development is sometimes harsher than any other platform. We'll use Appium to learn end-to-end automation tests.

Debugging and Troubleshooting

We'll learn advanced debugging techniques for React Native, made easy with tools I've built.


This content will introduce the new chat app: we'll build a complete chat app with Firebase.

Content Refresh

We'll update React Native to the 0.3x series, and rewrite part of the examples to fit latest practices. We'll also cover advances in navigation.


For designers and beginners: we'll include an introduction to the React Native Katas.